Imagine if you were to choose a colour to represent yourself.  A pixel made of one colour which signifies you.  It could be your favourite shade or it could be a colour that somehow has special meaning in your life.  There are many, many versions of each colour; is yours light or dark, bright or muted, pastel or primary?

Once you have thought about your colour, imagine a myriad of different pixels from a large variety of people, coming together to form one piece of art.

This concept is the idea behind the interesting and colourful project currently being undertaken by Perth artist, Rebecca Anne Lee, as part of the Perth International Arts Festival, or more specifically, as part of the “Hack the Festival” creative project within PIAF.

Rebecca hard at work
Rebecca and the People Per Inch project

Hack the Festival is Western Australia’s first ‘art hack,’ where teams of artists create work centred around the digital space in a meeting of art and technology.  The ‘art hack’ culminates on Friday night the 27th of February 2015 where teams will present their work and a winner will be chosen. Rebecca’s work is entitled “People Per Inch” and is a crowd sourced and globally contributed art experiment in which participants choose a pixel colour and also fill in a short confidential survey about themselves; country of origin, gender, hair colour, marital status etc. This serves to give the pixel an ‘identity’ and a context.  These pixels will then form an artwork to be printed and unveiled at the Hack the Festival closing night.

The project gets interesting when a large sample size and a good cross-section of participants have contributed and chosen pixels, as then Rebecca will be able to compare and display groups of pixels from different demographics and perhaps see a correlation.  For example a certain colour may be more popular with people of a certain country or gender or age.

“Colour is an important part of our lives,” Rebecca explains, “Different colours signify emotions, values, warnings.  And different colours mean different things to different countries and people.”

Rebecca Anne Lee is an award winning Perth photographer and artist who has developed a body of work centred around collages and the digital landscape.  Rebecca has travelled extensively and has used these trips as inspiration for a lot of her artwork. A two year stint in India provided a vivid colour palette and in her pieces Rebecca captures a feeling of uniformity from afar but detail up close by using pictures of many inanimate objects such as signage, windows and vehicles.

Rebecca Anne Lee with some of her artwork
Rebecca Anne Lee with some of her artwork

This collage work is complimented by the People Per Inch project as it continues the idea of using many parts to make a whole and in this case an artwork.

In order for this project to be as colourful and as diverse as possible Rebecca needs people to be a part of this art experiment by signing up for a pixel.   It will only take a couple of minutes and all information will be kept confidential.  You can track your pixel once it is used in the artworks and you will be able to see where your pixel is exhibited.

Please join up by clicking the link in the website below, choosing a pixel colour and filling in the short survey. 

It would be much appreciated if you can also pass this along to your family and friends especially anyone from countries outside Australia.

Rebecca explains that “this is an experiment of colour.  I have no idea what these images are going to look like as an end result but I believe they’re going to be very abstract. I want the user to experience walking around an exhibition and seeing artworks of colour.  I want them to see a mash of colour and compare it to other mashes of colour from different countries and different people.  We all tend to have a preference of one colour over another and this is especially important and visible in art.”